As a business owner, you know you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace. You must set the stage for a successful story. We have more than 20 years of experience working both in-house as the public relations lead for billion dollar companies and in PR agencies managing Fortune 500 companies communication programs.

As your consultant, we can help you set the stage for success and give you the voice to communicate to your target audience. Public Relations needs to be one of those characters to help tell your story. 

public relations


An award-winning, public relations practitioners, we have extensive experience in crisis communications, having worked for Purdue Pharma, Laser Spine Institute and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Our crisis experience includes creating crisis communications plans, serving as the company spokesperson, getting corrections to published stories (100% success rate) and providing counsel. 

Crisis Management

Everyone has a story to tell. At Stage 1, we can show you the best way to tell your story and who to approach to get your story in the spotlight. 

We have pitched every US market and placed positive stories in national publications and broadcast outlets. We create media relations strategies that include building targeted media lists, preparing media audits, drafting press materials, conducting media relations and creating success reports. Yes, there are always success reports.

media relations


"Shirley has a vast knowledge in the healthcare space understanding pivotal industry trends, insights and changes, and therefore, applies these findings to high-level, strategic communications plans. Shirley operates as an approachable and caring client relations manager both internally and externally offering superior leadership skills to her team as well as clients."

samantha autry

"Shirley is the consummate professional - smart, hardworking, diligent and bright. She is also incredibly warm and kind to her colleagues and clients. Anyone who has a chance to work with her is very lucky indeed."

Rebecca M. Farrell

"Shirley is one of the best media strategist and PR professionals I have worked with. She creates the perfect balance of positive motivation and strong professionalism to move projects forward. Shirley is able to clearly lay out a successful media strategy from start to finish and is flexible enough to address unforeseen issues that inevitably arise during media projects."

Jane wright-mitchell

"If ever the opportunity arose to work with Shirley again, I would not only jump at the chance, but would move heaven and earth to make it happen. She's that good."

Jules abraham

"Shirley is an excellent media strategist and PR professional. She's hard working, creative and diligent.  She is one of the most genuine people that I have ever had the pleasure to work with."

Stephanie Andrzejewski

"Shirley managed her account teams with a perfect balance of positive motivation, education and development. In doing so, she and her team were able to consistently deliver great results for the client."

Timothy Graham

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